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Deb is an integrated wellness consultant, essential oils educator, yogini, photographer and mumtrepenuer who shares, inspires and connects others with the tools to create abundance, balance and harmony in their lives. 

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The Business Opportunity

Let's talk about this EPIC opportunity.....

Read here about how I fell into this business and my humble WHY : to save the planet!

You love the oils, you're passionate about helping others, you KNOW what these magic little brown bottles can do and you feel called to share them with everyone you meet - in fact you can't stop yourself! Every time you learn more, you think of a person you know who could find some peace, healing and relief from using them. It's beautiful that you want to help others but money is NOT a dirty word, so why not get paid for your efforts? Whether you just want to get your monthly order paid for or totally transform you life, we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Next, you need to choose your level of engagement…..Which one applies? 


Elite - Introduce friends, refer contacts to your enroller, host the occasional oil share that your enroller will teach for or with you, or maybe even teach your own classes, or have oils on display or in use in your existing business. Your upline can enrol and follow up if you don’t pan to go further.​

Premier/Silver/Gold - At this level you will be teaching your own classes, engaged in team training and zoom calls, attending corporate events where possible, following up and looking after your team well, recruiting and training your own builders. 


Replace your existing income by achieving Platinum and above - Leading your own team and creating the life that you always dreamed of. 




































*$ are in USD and based on average global earnings. NZ results may differ

Your Benefits


  • Get free oils and products


  • Build a pipeline of residual income that keeps coming even when you stop


  • Lead a healthier life/invest in a healthy future by using doTERRA products


  • Leave a positive impact on the lives of many


  • Work from home or around kids and other jobs


  • Build at your own pace, you set your own targets and goals


  • Set yourself or your family or children up for the future


  • Exclusive access to our team training system ‘Roadmap to Success’ which you can do at your own place and at your own pace. It’s all online so it doesn't matter if we are geographically separated for those wishing to build a Premier and above business.


  • Join our team call by Zoom for regular team support and contact 


  • Enjoy free health and business coaching from Debbie


  • Access to our closed businesses Facebook page


  • Access to our private team resources on the website



Compensation plan


dōTERRA is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ and the benefits grow over time. To qualify for commissions you must have a Wellness Advocate Account and place a 100PV order in your Loyalty Rewards Purchase template at all times/ spend 100PV per month.


What does 100PV look like?


On Guard Cleaner Concentrate    10PV

Lemon Essential Oil                        12.5PV

Lifelong Vitality Pack                       60PV

Salon shampoo & conditioner        26PV = 108.5PV = $203


Remember that you can get your cleaning needs, first aid cabinet/pharmacy needs, world class vitamins and supplements, body care, face care, hair care all through doTERRA so a 100PV order per month is easy and subsequently reduces your supermarket spend on toxic synthetic products.


Loyalty rewards points


The other amazing bonus here is that doTERRA will gift you back 10% of your monthly spend in product points which you can use on more amazing healthcare for yourself. Every quarter this percentage increases so that after 12 months you will be receiving and amazing 30% of everything you spend back. 


























































Sounds Good? Are you thinking….?


Common worries


"I don’t know anything about essential oils"


Neither did I when I started - that’s what the support crew and our training system is for! You do not need to be an expert, doTERRA has done all the science and research for us and it is all freely available for us to use. 


"I’m no good at selling things"


Good! No one likes to be sold to - people want to be cared for. The oils are amazing and they sell themselves. YOU need to be good at building relationships with people and sample like a boss.


"I don’t have time"


Drop this excuse! Many a successful dōTERRA leader has made it to Diamond while breastfeeding a baby, raising kids, working and running other businesses. The beauty of it is that you can manage your dōTERRA hours around your current lifestyle - total freedom and flexibility, that’s kind of the whole idea. You will need to drop: procrastination, excuses, disorganisation, scrolling through Facebook or binging on Netflix - use your abundance of time wisely. You will have to MAKE time for it not FIND time for it.


So what do think - are you a YES?

Please note: building a dōTERRA business takes no special skill but it does take MASSIVE amounts of passion, enthusiasm, drive and self motivation. If you are not a WHOLEHEARTED yes, please back away now - we can still be oily mates!


If you are just wanting to get free oils but not ready to the business:


Book in a class at your house, I will supply you with all the information and support needed to book a successful class. Get on the blower and invite your friends or clients over. 




If you want to get there faster - aim to host or organise 2 - 3 oil shares per month.


If you are ready to take the bull by the horns and join our amazing tribe of business builders you will need to:


  1. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and apply to join our team

  2. Call me to enrol with your own wholesale account and a kit (Home Essentials is the minimum investment).

  3. Create a list of 100 names and get on the phone and choose a date for your first class….


Once you're all set to go I will add you to our closed Facebook group for business builders, schedule a 1- 1 kick start session and give you access to our exclusive training system: ‘Roadmap to Success’ so you can get started learning the business straight away. 


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