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Deb is an integrated wellness consultant, essential oils educator, yogini, photographer and mumtrepenuer who shares, inspires and connects others with the tools to create abundance, balance and harmony in their lives. 

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Health Coaching

Are you ready to awaken to your best version?

I've been there!


Lost, confused, overwhelmed, depressed, manic, overweight, starving, tired, unwell, gut health in ruins, can't see the wood for trees. My own journey to reclaim my health has led me through some very tough times. I have walked in your shoes and I know what it is like when you just need a starting point, some clear goals and a good plan. 


I will guide you through a process that quickly identifies your top three wellbeing goals. From here we will create a plan that is achievable and fits in with your lifestyle. I can create personalised yoga, meditations and affirmations to shift your mindset. I will guide you towards the best nutrition and exercise for you. I can teach you how to manage stress, get a better nights sleep and boost your overall wellbeing with essential oils. I am also very experienced in nurturing your gut back to health and you would be AMAZED at how many physical and mental issues start in the gut! 

First we need to know all about you. You will be sent a questionnaire to fill out and return by email prior to our meeting. 


Next is your 90 minute consultation where we will explore in depth current pressure points, areas for growth, issues that may need releasing and tools that can be added to your daily wellness routine. The focus is on the whole person and integrates aspects of holistic health such as:

  • Balancing emotions and managing stress 

  • Mindset work that includes a customised daily practice to shift limiting beliefs and welcome in the new

  • Daily connection practices such as journalling and meditation
  • Natural supplementation and essential oils to: improve sleep, manage stress, support your immune system, metabolism, focus, boost energy, heal your emotions and more

  • Time management and planning to create breathing space in you life, your days and your moments

  • Integrating creativity, joy and fun back into your world

  • Positive nutrition changes that are easy and manageable

  • Joyful movement - finding the right kind of exercise for you, your body, your lifestyle and your goals

Customised Holistic Lifestyle Plan 

You will then receive a customised three month holisitc lifestyle plan. Programmes are completely tailor made to suit YOU so that they are doable and achievable. There are no fads or harsh regimes here. Essential oils give you the missing link in healthcare today - a focus on accessing your health through balanced emotions and increased resilience. I will be cheering you on and supporting you all the way, tweaking the plan if needed. 

* My advice is of a general and informative nature and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. You should always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner for any serious concerns. Debbie Lim is not a qualified practitioner and accepts no liability for any damages caused in using the information provided by her.

Coaching Includes

  • Half hour discovery call and planning

  • Self assessment via email

  • 90 minute consultation including an essential oils consult and holistic lifestyle overview

  • Comprehensive three month action plan

  • Two half hour calls to keep you on track

  • ZYTO Compass scan


Your investment in you $250

If you would like to commit regular coaching, ongoing weekly sessions are

$65 per hour.

* ZYTO scans are only for consults in person, however coaching can take place online via zoom.

To book: please email me or call me on 021 251 3859 to discover more