Deb's Wellness Project

Deb is an integrated wellness consultant, essential oils educator, yogini, photographer and mumtrepenuer who shares, inspires and connects others with the tools to create abundance, balance and harmony in their lives. 

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Host an Oil Share

Learn about essential oils in the comfort of your own home

Often referred to as an 'essential oils workshop' or 'class', on Deb's Oil Tribe we like to call them 'Oil Shares'.


You gather a few friends, family or work colleagues that are interested in natural ways to benefit their health. I come along with all of my oil goodness and share my many experiences in benefitting my health and wellbeing and that of my family. We pass the oils around, we smell and we chat about the ways that they may support YOU.


There are little gifts and giveaways for your guests and a special package for you as the host. If you friends decide to enrol, you as the host receive commission in the form of dollars that you can spend on future purchases or get deposited into your bank account - this is doTERRA's way of saying thank you. 


Our oil shares are casual talks from the heart, not a rehearsed sales pitch and we pride ourselves on not being 'sales' or pushy. I travel all over the country teaching these and if I can't make it to you, there is probably a team member in your area who can.


So reach out if you would like to book me for FREE! 021 251 3859