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Deb is an integrated wellness consultant, essential oils educator, yogini, photographer and mumtrepenuer who shares, inspires and connects others with the tools to create abundance, balance and harmony in their lives. 

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How to Get Free Oils

Order once a month and earn FREE oils

Once you have your own dōTERRA account there is something very special that you can participate in if you wish.

It’s called the Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP) and its a system for ordering monthly that earns you product points which can then be spent on FREE OILS.

It is SO flexible and SO SO SO generous. You can opt in and out at any time. Order 50pv or more and you will earn product credits which are like dōTERRA $$$.  

Order 125pv before the 15th of every month and dōTERRA will send you a FREE oil!!!

The discount increases over time so after one year on the programme you will be receiving 30% of all you spend gifted back to you - I know right?! 

Having a tight month? Don't cancel, just order something small like a lip balm and keep your % alive. 

If you DO cancel your LRP you STILL HAVE ACCESS TO WHOLESALE RATES you just order as and when you choose.

How to LRP

Please book in a 1 - 1 FREE support session if you are having any problems updating your LRP, spending your points or switching warehouses. 

The benefits are:

(and there are ONLY benefits!)

  • Committing to your wellness and feeling amazing

  • Earning product points to spend on free oils

  • Shipping cost refunded as product points

  • Option to get the free product of the month

  • Option to earn commission

Shift your shopping

Now you can start to reduce your supermarket bill, get non toxic AMAZING products that will support your health, delivered FREE to your door AND be rewarded for it - how good is that?! Our household goods are sustainably and ethically sourced, completely non toxic for your home and body and delivered to your door for FREE within the programme. Not only that you are rewarded for shopping with up to 30% additional back - I don't know ANY supermarket that offers anything like it!!!!

Partner with me in business and I'll show how you to get FREE oils and $$$