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Deb is an integrated wellness consultant, essential oils educator, yogini, photographer and mumtrepenuer who shares, inspires and connects others with the tools to create abundance, balance and harmony in their lives. 

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Shop Essential Oils

The most cost effective way to start out is to purchase an enrolment kit

Here is some information about my three favourites. There are more kits! Check them out here. Remember you can customise your own kit, pay the $40 account fee and pick and mix your favourite products. 

Support your family

The Home Essentials Kit - $365

  • Our top 10 oils that every household needs

  • Our easy to use Petal diffuser

  • Great value - you save $117 NZD

  • Includes Frankincense - the king of all oils

  • 240 drops per 15ml bottle and hundreds of uses

  • No joining fee

  • Access to wholesale rates for one year

Live the lifestyle

The Nature's Solutions Kit - $700

  • The Home Essentials Kit PLUS

  • Citrus Bliss - my go to every morning in the diffuser to promote a positive happy family vibe over brekkie

  • Aromatouch - the relaxation blend, amazing for giving your loved one or yourself a massage

  • Lavender Peace - need some serious support for a good night's sleep? Here it is, great for the midnight thinks

  • Lemongrass - SO versatile, great for cleaning, insect repellant, clearing negativity and confusion and very soothing when applied to stressed out muscles/tendons

  • Purify - love this diffused to support allergies, a drop in the laundry to make it smell super fresh or add to baking soda and scrub your bath or loo. Fantastic for clearing your space or energy field.

  • Smart and Sassy - the metabolic balancing blend, very supportive for reducing sugar cravings and assisting with  weight loss in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan, add a few drops to your water or apply topically

  • On Guard foaming hand soap - kills 99% of pathogens without stripping the acid mantle from your skin

  • Ice Blue Rub - apply to soothe muscles after activity for deep and long lasting relief. Amazing layered over the oil

  • Easy Air vapour stick - ditch the synthetic versions lurking in your bathroom cupboard and use this to ease congestion in the chest

  • On Guard cleansing toothpaste - non toxic, yummy and works!!!!

  • Clary Calm - supports the hormones and moods that go along with the monthly cycle, an oil EVERY woman needs

  • Past Tense - got tension? This is a powerful blend to support tension anywhere in the body

  • Wooden box to keep all your new treasures housed securely out of the sun

  • Fast Track on the loyalty rewards programme should you choose to hop onto this and option to earn 100 FREE products credits straight away

  • If you'd like to start out by balancing the emotions of yourself or the household this is the kit for you

  • 5ml bottles of Cheer, Console, Peace, Passion, Motivate

  • Smell phenomenal

  • Diffuse individually to support the mood you would like to experience  - the clues are in the names!

  • Comes with a petal diffuser and emotions wheel

Balance and harmony

Emotional Aromatherapy Enrolment Kit - $310