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Deb is an integrated wellness consultant, essential oils educator, yogini, photographer and mumtrepenuer who shares, inspires and connects others with the tools to create abundance, balance and harmony in their lives. 

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ZYTO Compass Scan

Add another layer of insight and guidance to your wellness choices

What is it you may ask? In short it's a two minute, pain free 'zap' which reads your body's energy field and tells you the best oils and supplements to support your body back to balance.


The body already has an innate intelligence that can create healing, it simply needs the right environment. CPTG Essential oils can help to restore balance so the body can do what it knows how to do!


This is how I got started with essential oils and I believe that using the oils from my scans has had a major positive impact on my health and well being. We use the Emotions and Essential Oils book to give you insight as to which oils could support your journey back to balanced and harmonious living.

How it works 


During a ZYTO scan, the Hand Cradle measures your body's galvanic skin response (GSR).


The data gathered by the Hand Cradle is evaluated by the software in the context of various digital signatures. Digital signatures are representative of a wide range of things like foods, nutritional supplements, body organs, and systems. Digital signatures can be organised into sequences for scanning. You can think of ZYTO scans as questionnaires to which your body's GSR data provides the answers. 

At the completion of a scan, the software's analysis is documented in the form of a report. Information gathered in this way can help you make better decisions for your health.

Your session is half an hour and includes an emailed report $40

To book: please email me or call me on 021 251 3859

ZYTO technologies is not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or medical condition. The diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions should only be undertaken by qualified medical professionals. ZYTO professional software, including the Balance, Select, Elite, and EVOX, provides general wellness information.